Real-time mesh from Unity Plugin


I am working on a robotics and machine learning project and I am considering using the structure sensor and Bridge Engine to potentially feed a neural network. I understand the current Bridge Engine is designed with mixed reality in mind which is awesome.
After using the Bridge for Unity Plugin I can see that it provides a scanning function which delivers a scanned scene (mesh without texture) into the Unity App. I am wondering if it would be possible for the plugin (or a custom version) to send the mesh created by the plugin to Unity in real time? The iOS app (the plugin) appears to be creating the mesh in real-time so I thought it might be possible to send the point-in-time created mesh to Unity as it is built?


What we do is have a runtime obj-loader for Unity as the SDK can output obj files. Is it possible to do that with the plugin?


In the iOS code that builds the obj file it must be processing that raw feed from the structure sensor to build a mesh. I was just curious to see if the raw data from the structure sensor could be delivered to Unity via the plugin.