Registering DepthFrame and ColorFrame in the Structure Core


Hello, we are working with the Structure Core w/RGB camera for Linux and trying to register depth and color frames.

We did notice that (unlike the Structure Sensor for iOS) there is no method to obtain registration between the two objects (DepthFrame and ColorFrame).

Will this be addressed in a future SDK release? I am asking, since looking at the documentation, there is a “isRegisteredTo(ColorFrame)” method available for the DepthFrame, but we could not find a straight forward method in the SDK to obtain registered data. This method is always returning false.

If we can’t obtain this directly from the SDK, can someone share some light into how can we accomplish this with the two IR cameras and RGB camera, or directly with the DepthFrame object?

Thanks in advance.


What you are looking for is colorCameraPoseInDepthCoordinateFrame() within ST::DepthFrame.