Render custom mesh within scanner app


We are modifying the scanner app in order to show a custom mesh aligned in AR. Unfortunately both STScene and STCubeRenderer are not publicly available, so I am trying to understand how to implement the same functionalities. I can see that I would have to render objects within the context held in _display.context, and do the rendering within renderSceneForDepthFrame. However, if I create VBOs and try to bind them, everything crashes. Are there any pointers to how to render even simple wireframe meshes within the Scanner app?


I can definitely give you some pointers! I would check out the following forum post about this subject, as it seemed to help some of our previous 3rd party developers:

It seems from the above post that the following tutorial helped a lot:


Thank you very much! In the meantime we’ve had better luck just using the SceneKit. It is very easy to create a renderer using the existing EAGLContext and the matrices used in the scanner app can be almost directly used with scenekit (apart from some axis flipping). But now rendering custom object takes just a couple of lines of code, so I would recommend that approach to anyone who wanted to do that on ipad.