Rendering Viewer for Windows


Hello Structure Forum,

I have problems to view my scans on my Windows PC in rendering view.
When i see the Rendered object in my Ipad, it looks pretty good, but when i view it on my PC,
it looks very different from the jpg layers on the surface.

Is there a App available for Windows that hat the same quality in rendering mode than the App for Ipad has ?

Greetings from Germany,



What software are you using to view your 3D Model on your computer?


I tried “Art of Illusion” , where the Rendering is not as good as on the Ipad.

Meshmixer, i could not find the rendering mode, only solid or grid view…

do you have a freeware option for me ?


We don’t offer a 3D graphics program, but we do recommend using Blender, MeshLab, and SketchUp.


CloudCompare is another great free option for Windows.


Hello Jim,

Thank you for the reply with CloudCompare, it’s perfect !

I found a viewer for OBJ Files that can also display directly from the ZIP-File created from the Sample app.
Its good when i want to send a Scan to a Friend that has no 3D programm and want to view only.
It is a HTML Viewer that can used offline, called OBJViewer:

Maybe anyone needs a viewer too…

Greetings from Germany, Heiko