Room Capture - Launch Date?


Not a developer… but aspiring to be one…

I am really interested in the concept of spatial capturing of interior rooms and really anything of larger size. Is anyone else working on similar concepts or ideas? Any inside info on when the “Room Capture” app will be available? I work in the residential design and construction industry along with real estate development. I believe there are a lot of useful ways that this type of scanner could be applied. Just wanted to get my feet wet in this forum and let everyone know my interests. Thanks for all the helpful information and posts in the forum.


Agreed. This marketed functionality was one of the reasons I got the structure.

Since it’s part of the demonstration of it I’m assuming there’s a fairly easy way to do it. Will report back what I discover.


Hi guys. If all goes well, early next week we plan to give a preview of an app we’ve been working on that calibrates the precise alignment between the Structure Sensor and the iPad color camera. We’re nearly ready to submit this to the App Store. This paves the way for the Room Capture sample code, since it requires carefully aligned depth and color. Once we post a preview of the calibration app, we’ll update you further about Room Capture. Glad you guys are looking forward to it!


Hi Jeff,

will the sample code of that app be available when you put it up on the App Store?
And do you have any estimates as to how far off the Room Capture sample code will be after that?

This is the biggest part of the sensor’s functionality for us, and a big reason we chose Structure, so we’re really looking forward to getting a look at this functionality soon!



+1. I am also mostly interested in room capturing.


I hope everything is going well. Any update on the new code for room capture? have you seen… competition? I’d love to help any way I can. Thanks.


Update - we’re extremely close now on the sneak preview of the app that calibrates depth and color alignment. Once we give this preview, we should be able to give more specifics on when the Room Capture sample will be ready.

@Tigerrag18 you can help by testing the sample code when we release it! The Spike device is a very different kind of sensor. It’s a laser rangefinder that captures a single precise distance measurement. It works in outdoor settings where Structure Sensor does not, but it also doesn’t capture dense geometry in indoor settings, which Structure Sensor does. It might be interesting to combine Spike with Structure Sensor in some way, even.

Scanning Rooms and Getting Measurements

Hello all,
I work in the architectural industry and have the structural scanner, really looking forward to working on/with a room capture. The ablilty to import existing conditions into current cad software is HUGE!!!. I cannot tell you how big this market really is! Does anyone need a beta tester for this application?


It’s my first try with the sensor but I can’t find a possibility to scan and use roomdata. Did I miss something or is that not possible, yet? From the introducing video, it should be working for rooms inside. So I’m not asking for outside envriroment and therefore another sensor.


yes I too am interested, but I cant get uplink to work


Hi guys, we’ve just announced Calibrator, the app that will pave the way for precise depth and color alignment needed for Room Capture. We’ve posted a sneak peak of what it will look like once it launches on the App Store:


So when will the room scanner app be available? It really was the major reason I (and it seems many others) backed the kickstarter. To be honest, it was a major reason I bought I iPad Air and we are almost at the time of year when we expect an updated ipad and we still haven’t got the app.

Sorry for moaning and I realise things must be quite complex. I really do appreciate that, but it is 9 months now since it was expected.


The Room Capture sample and color capture support in the SDK won’t be much longer now. Calibrator was the main blocker, and it’s on the way to the App Store now. @robinlmp - are you already an iOS developer and have you been able to deploy the current sample apps already? The Room Capture sample code will first be available in the SDK download, so if you’re all ready to deploy the samples, you’re in good shape to use it soon. If you’re ready to go development-wise, we may be able to get you into a beta preview.


I’d love to get into this beta too.
We are aiming at a real estate use case in Germany on a larger scale.


I have the same idea but in Korea!


I would as well, We would like to use it to gather as-built data for
renovation projects


Hi Jeff, if you can help out, I would be very interested in the beta preview as well!


I’d also be interested beta-testing the room capture as well --it’s been no trouble toying around with the other iOS samples, so should be good to go!


Glad to have interest from you guys in beta testing the Room Capture sample! We’ve submitted Calibrator to the App Store, and once it has made it through Apple review, we’ll make a decision of whether to go ahead with a Room Capture beta. I’ll update you guys when we know more! Fingers crossed for Apple approval on Calibrator.


Would it work with IPhone as well? Or is it only submitted for IPads?