Room Capture - Launch Date?


Also Interested in getting in the beta. Honestly the whole reason our company purchased the structure sensor.


Awesome! Would love to try it on a restaurant renovation we are looking at,
I would also like to feature it as a part of our presentation on mobile
technology at the International Builders Shower in January.


Hello everyone,
As an architect, I am also very interested in this new app to come. This is largely why I bought the sensor structure. Thank you all for so much effort.


There is a startup weekend in Germany where I could use that code on Sunday. Fingers crossed :slight_smile:


Eagerly waiting for the Calibrator app to be available! Would definitely be interested in beta-testing Room Capture if you decide to go ahead with it.


Include me in the Beta list for room capture please



As a residential remodeling contractor room capture was the biggest draw for me to purchase a sensor. I am eagerly looking forward to room capture advancements and would be willing to help beta-test anyway I can.

I also use the spike for outdoor measurements and have been impressed with the speed and accuracy of measurements. Hope to be using the structure sensor scanning technology indoors for the bulk of my work flow.

If there are any app developers interested in conversation about future app uses and functionality my head is swirling with possibilities.


Please include me in the beta as well. I have several areas in both real estate and construction that I’m interested in applying.


Me too, whole reason why I preordered this back in Nov was for room capture, please include me in the Beta.


We would be happy to help Beta test as well. Really hopeful it opens some great improvements in our world build pipeline as well as new tool dev. Thanks for helping push this great tech!


I know beta testers are coming out of the wood work now, but if there is room, I would like to get in on that as well.


and you can add me to the " wish I was a beta tester " as well :slight_smile:


Yes me too please I would like to test that app.


Hi Occipital Team,
Please do also add me to check the Beta version of room capture.


@epaprikic @kl1 @gasquetnico @chmcdan211 @chad @gord @Tigerrag18 Hi guys! We decided to directly release the Room Capture sample along with the latest Structure SDK release today. Please take a look when you have a chance. Can’t wait to see what you all do with it, and let us know your feedback.


And @TLNaylor @joe1 @RB1 @mathias @jcbarchitecture @stepheng @tyler too! (had to split the mentions into two posts)


Hi everyone,
a big thank you to the authors of the Room Capture App. It is phenomenal.
This is largely what I expected, thank you so much.
The measurement is surprisingly accurate, I am amazed.
Again thank you
Cordial greetings


Nice Job guys, Looking forward to using this more. I think i need a better calibration, but came out suprizingly well. looking forward to updates, Can we get a setting to measure in the Imperial system vs metric


If I create or buy a watertight, submersible enclosure for my ipad mini2 and structure sensor, would there be any distortion issues for scanning underwater? I am interested in scanning caves for scuba diving in overhead environments.

scanning through water

I’ve discussed this application with a knowledgeable colleague. The wavelength-dependent absorption of IR underwater will determine usability of the sensor.