Room Capture - Launch Date?


Steve I do not see that your Imperial question was addressed… did you get a reply on this?


Hi guys, especially @stepheng and @twest, if you’d like to change Room Capture to imperial, just make this easy code change in Xcode and deploy the sample app to your iPad!

Make this edit in

Room Capture App for the iPhone 6?

Jeff – I wanted to try to do what you’ve suggested below but have never made a code change to an iPad app.

  •    Where do I find Xcode?
  •    Where do I find

I do not find within the app a way to change the settings or source code
Had my son take a look and he couldn’t find either…

Thanks again

Tim West


You can get Xcode from the App Store on a Mac (it requires a Mac, and an Apple developer account to deploy to your iPad). is inside the SDK download. Once you unpack the Zip, look inside Samples and then inside the Scanner sample.