ROS+Structure Sensor+SLAM


Hi all,
Just wanted to share with you what I was able to achieve with ROS running on embedded board and structure sensor.
ROS is running on embedded board(minnowboard) and virtualization data is sent over WiFi to remote computer.RGB camera is used only to show the depth camera sensor view hence it is not used in processing.
Also 3d printed frame is designed to hold board+IMU+camera together that can be attached to RC car later.Link to video


This is really cool! I’ve sent this post to a few of our engineers, as I feel that they love to see such a unique application of the Structure Sensor. Keep at it!


Love these kinds of projects. Thanks for posting @naghli2014!


Is it possible to do it in raspberry pi 3?


Super cool! Do you have any code or pointers on how to get the sensor up and running in ROS? (Say, on Linux, or Raspberry PI)



I was able to dig up a little more information for your today:

Hope this helps!