Safe Mode with NI2 drivers installed


I’m a new user. My Structure Sensor works on Wifi, but when I connect it with the hacker cable to PC and open Skanect, Skanect says the sensor is unavailable.

The NI2 driver is loaded and showing correctly in device manager (Windows 10 64-bit)

The log file says it is in safe mode:

ERROR: OpenNI2: Could not open “\?\usb#vid_1d27&pid_0600#59015#{c3b5f022-5a42-1980-1909-ea72095601b1}”: Device is in safe mode. Cannot start any stream!

Any suggestions?




Skanect searches for a sensor only during the start-up phase. For Skanect to locate your sensor, it is necessary to plug in the sensor before launching Skanect.

Please reach out if this doesn’t solve your issue.


Hello Anthony,

I always connect the scanner before opening the software. No joy.




Moved to another USB port and viola! It is alive. Let the fun begin!