Saving the calibration data on Occipital server


At the end of the calibration process, the calibration data is said to be sent to Occipital servers.
I suppose it is to retrieve the calibration data in case an application cannot access them.
I made the following experience: uninstalled all the Occipital applications, installed all of them again, kept the Calibrator app uninstalled, cut the internet, but my depth data was still well aligned with the RGB frames.

  • Is the calibration data saved on the sensor?
  • What is the purpose of saving our calibration data on Occipital servers?
    In my opinion, the calibration is dependant on the device and the bracket, not the Structure sensor.


Hi, Have you got answers for your questions?
I would like to know if calibration data is saved on the sensor or not when there is no internet connection.
My further question is how to trig the Calibrator app to popup from our own app,
how does sensor know it is time to calibrate?