Scanning a Sedan automobile with Structure io


I tried scanning my car which is an old sedan this afternoon with isense 3d app and Structure IO scanner. Unfortunately I could not make the Bounding box tracker big enough to fit my car. The tracker also disappears if I scan my car.

Can the Structure io hardware scan a sedan which means it is going to be a software issue?

Structure IO makers is this a hardware or software issue?

Thanks for the response.


its a software issue


Did you finally resolve this issue? If so, can you let us know what you did. Thanks in advance.


It is certainly possible to scan a car with the Structure Sensor, but there a few things to keep in mind.

Outdoor use - The Structure Sensor is not suited to work outdoors in strong sunlight, as the amount of ambient infrared light interferes with its operation. For use outside, the Structure Sensor would work best from dusk until dawn or on an overcast day, when sunlight is at a minimum. For automobiles, it would be best to scan indoors, if possible.

Smooth and reflective surfaces - The smooth, reflective surface of many automobiles is a challenge for most hand-held 3D scanners. Smooth surfaces present a challenge because the simple geometry makes it difficult to maintain tracking. Reflective surfaces can throw off results as well. Many users have found better results by treating reflective surfaces with removable opaque paint, powder, or tape prior to scanning.

Large objects - The largest object that can be captured with the Structure Sensor is about the size of standard, residential room. Since most automobiles exceed this size range, it is often necessary to scan the vehicle in multiple sections. These scans can then be stitched together using additional 3D modeling software. Many of our users have selected programs such as Meshlab or Blender for this purpose.

There are many hardware/software configurations available for using the Structure Sensor, so it is not possible to prepare sample files that will represent the exact results you will see from your specific use of the Sensor. However, the following sample file will give you a better idea of how the Structure Sensor performs when capturing an automobile: