Scanning an object by rotating it


Does anyone got good results using this technique?

We’re trying to scan a 2mt tall x 1m wide object on top of a rotating platform but we’re not getting good results. Seems like once we go further than 180° the scanned object keeps reconstructing with different alignment than the previous half turn.



It really depends on the object you are trying to scan, the lighting on the object, the speed at which you are turning the object, and which application you are using with your Structure Sensor.

Please make sure that the object on the turntable has enough artificial lighting to reduce the number of shadows seen.

Also, please try to scan each surface of the object only once, as scanning multiple times will impede on good results. A full 360° turn is unnecessary.

Here are a couple of links that you could use for tips on how to improve your scans. Though they are for specific applications, the tips can be generalized to the Structure Sensor.

How to set user circle or person spin

I think the Ipad has to move around the object, cause the script refers to ipad coordinates to reference point cloud, but i might be wrong.


@ignacioaguinacop What app are you using with the Structure Sensor?


Occipital’s one, “scanner” app.


You can find more information about using a turntable with the Structure Sensor from previous forums posts:

Please let us know if those help out!


In my experience the less symmetrical the object is the better the sensor can track something spinning in a circle. I.e. something perfectly cylindrical like a water bottle will work poorly, whereas a human will work better. Using a rotating platform should help because the rotation should be smooth and not too quick.

If you don’t mind me asking, what is the object being scanned?


Hey all! Bumping this old thread since we’re about to do a beta of a Structure SDK update with turntable-specific enhancements. This would apply to the iOS SDK (not Skanect). If you’d like to join, please reply on the post linked below, and/or DM me your email!


Hi Jeff,

Exploring using this for full body scans with a person on a turntable. Not had a chance to explore the Structure SDK yet but I’ve done a lot of turntable scanning with Skanect and a Primesense so would certainly be interested in hearing about it.



I can certainly get you added to the list! You’ll receive a message from Occipital soon!


We would like to scan turntable objects using Skanect and structure sensor. Do you have any recommendations? We try several times and always get a bad result. I believe the Skanet is not tracking the position of the sensor relative to the turntable/object.


To use Skanect with a turntable, please turn off the Track Loss Detection within settings.