Scanning app limitations


Is there any plan for a scanning app whic is not a “demo”?

While the tracking is the best I have tried across various hand-held scanners and software tools using kinect, and the data is good enogh, it is basically impossible to use the app for serious work because of its limitations…

  • it is impossible to scan an object parallel to ground… I understand this “automatic table clipping”, but not all objects are convex shapes on top of a table.
  • setting up the scan area is a pain, as the cube uses heuristics to follow the geometry and most times you just want to position it manually, and it is not possible
  • the resolution of the exported data seems to have a hardcoded limit of 50k triangles, which is somehow ridiculous, considering it was possible to manage 1-2 million triangles even in iPad generation 2.

Not even mentioning the “email only” output, or the fact that all scans are called model.obj, which make a nightmare when you do more than one and have to manually rename them afterwards.
As it is, I am using the Structure sensor basically as a toy…



The Scanner sample is really easy to modify- if you’d like to change the cube behavior, for example, there’s some older posts on the forums about that very thing.


That is not the point. I can modify it, provided I do have a mac, a
developer licence, and the time and resources required to do it. And then
it would still be only for myself, unless I go trough the app submission to
the apple appstore (that takes another fair share of time and resources).
Unfortunately, I do not have time to keep up another software project
(beside the ones I am already providing to the community) and, frankly, it
should be an Occipital concern…
As all the 3D scanners I have worked with (and, believe me, it is not a
small number), DO have a bundled software, good enough for basic work, I
assumed it was the case also for this one.
Even though Occipital is just interested in the sensors market, not having
a bundled scaning app is a terrible drawback.
If it is so easy to modify, get an intern and make him do it.


Thanks for the advice.

Have you tried Skanect, our desktop scanning application? It takes streaming data directly from your iPad w/ Structure Sensor, and supports a wider range of use cases than our simple, sample apps. If you purchased a Complete Bundle you already have a license. If not, you can still try before you buy.

You may also want to look at itSeez3d, which uses our tech, but is a more feature-rich scanning app for iOS.


Piggybacking on this topic: how do I take an .obj file and view it as a complete 3D object outside of the Scan app?

Also: Assuming I can do the above, how can I upload the 3D scan onto my web page so that users can see it and manipulate it as though they are holding it?


Check out SketchFab.


Hi! I want to revive that topic. I just got my Sensor + Skanect a few days ago, and i have to admit i would that i am too a bite confused over the lack of polishment of your provided scanner apps. I also got Skanect , but there are other issues, preventing me from using it regularly. Is an update to the scanner app planned with the features stated by @mcallieri ?


The Scanner - Structure Sensor sample applications was designed to show off what can be done with the Structure Software Development and is not intended on being a full-fledge application.

There are, however, over 90 applications that are available for the Structure Sensor.

You can find all apps available for the Structure Sensor by doing the following:

  • Connect the Structure Sensor to your supported iPad or iPhone
  • Navigate to Settings -> General -> About -> Structure Sensor -> Find App for Accessory
  • This will open the App Store, and display all apps available for the Structure Sensor and your mobile device.

It is also great that you have Skanect! You can find out more information about how to use Skanect from the links below: