Scanning chests and quantifying deformity

I am new to 3D scanning & definitely not a developer. We are an orthotics facility looking to scan patient’s chest to then take various measurements and quantify the deformity.
We bought the structure sensor Mark 2 back in November. Had similar initial issues as everyone else has voice. Left the scanner for a bit until there were update. Recently updated the software and I could actually obtain full scans without any crashes or errors etc.

Now I have these scans and am not 100% sure what to do next! From my bit of searching online it seems I can use MeshMixer or MeshLab, splice the chests and measure to max protrusion and all the other indicators of the deformity.
These seem like very complicated programs. Are they easier ones to use?

Does the obj import from the scanning into the Meshlab/Meshmixer (or whatever post analysis software) stay as a 1:1 ratio?

I noticed there is an orthotic program for the scanner that is advertised on the website, but 10$ a scan is just outrageous and trying to find an alternative!
We do have a membership with Skanect, haven’t used it since the upgrades. Is it any good now? Can I do measurements in that program?

If anyone is willing to help in any way that would be greatly appreciated!

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I like CloudCompare. It’s orientation is point clouds, but it works with meshes as well.