scanning through water


Before I take my Structure Sensor and my iPad Air 2 in my glass bottom kayak to try scanning a shallow water ship wreck. I thought I should ask on this forum if anyone knew if the density of the ocean water would make for a difficult scan? I can 3D print a underwater housing if need be as this would likely only work on very calm water.


Hello Mike - scanning in water is a pretty cool idea, but the refractive properties of water apply to infrared just like they do to visible light, meaning that scans could be foggy, choppy, or distorted (at best). Here is an informative post from the past on this topic: Room Capture - Launch Date? – that being said, if you do try this out, let us know how it goes!


Will do, thanks for the quick reply.


Any news? I need to scan my daughter’s legs for orthotics and doing it underwater would be helpful.