Scanning with a turntable?


Hey Structure Sensor dev community! Does anyone currently use (or plan to use) Structure Sensor with a turntable to scan objects?

We’re working on an SDK update that improves scan results with turntables (among other general tweaks), and would like to find a few people to test. Reply or DM me if interested!

Scanning an object by rotating it
Well hopefully this works...
Suggestion for automatic turntable and light box setup for Structure Sensor?


We scan with a turntable using the “old” tracking mode that does not use the gyro/accelerometer data.

I’d love to this see this mode improved!

  • Alex


We are beginning a project to scan hundreds of archeological artifacts. Turntable support would be great. I’m a 3d scanning newbie so any information greatly appreciated. We would love to be able to test this new functionality.


Hey! You should checkout our new Structure SDK 0.8 that was just released last week!