Scans at Grand Rapids Mini Maker Faire


Over the course of two days I used the Structure Sensor to scan 189 people, mostly kids but plenty of adults too, at the Kalamazoo Makers Guild [ ] booth at the Grand Rapids Mini Maker Faire [ ]

When I get them all processed I’m going to throw them all into a Blender scene and render a “crowd shot,” which I will share here. will be happy to hear that I wore the Structure t-shirt I got with my Kickstarter kit during one of those days. I got a lot of people asking a lot of questions about the device. So, yay!


Awesome! Can’t wait to see the crowd scene.


I think we’re going to need a 3D print of this for the office.


I’m hoping to take my scanner to Emerald City Comicon next year to scan cosplayers. So do you have any advice?


That’s brilliant, I want to see the crowd scene!


FINALLY! I finished processing all the scans. Turns out I had just 166 individual scans. Others were test or failed scans. But still, 166 successful scans in two days ain’t bad. Boy what a lot of work it was to get them all turned into OBJ and PNG files. Attached is a contact sheet of 165 stills from the models (one person requested I take down his scan after he downloaded his copy.


Nice different groupshoot :smiley:
Do you have the invidual shoots as well?
2:d row from bottom seems to have a duplicate.


Hokey smokes! That’s a ton of scanning. Awesome job.


Did you use Skanect?