SDK(0.7.1) iPad Pro 10.5 Vertical Shifting Issue


We are trying to build a 3D scanning capability into an app using Unity and running into texture is getting shifted vertically - Sample files are below.

  • We do not see this problem with compiled scanner sample project on iPad Pro 10.5
  • Our app does not experiencing the problem on iPad Air 2 but it does with iPad Pro 10.5
  • Calibrator is the latest version from App Store
  • the SDK is the latest version - 0.7.1

We may have missed something from the scanner project code but having issues figuring it out.

It would be appreciated if some one can give a hit where/what we should be looking for.

Thank you.



This is a known issue with our Calibrator app that wasn’t directly addressed in the newest release. We are currently working on fixing this issue ASAP and will make a forum post here once we do

We appreciate your patience while we work on fixing this issue.


Hello Anthony,

Thank you for the reply.

We’d like to make sure that you have full understanding of the problem.

Your reply indicates that it is the problem with Calibrator app but if we compile the Scanner App that comes with the SDK and run it on iPad Pro 10.5(same device), we do not see the problem - it works fine. However, our engineers have port this code over to Unity and compile it and run it on the same iPad Pro 10.5, we see this problem. Also the same Unity compiled version running on iPad Air 2, does NOT have the problem.

Does this still indicate a problem with Calibrator App?

Thank you in advance.



Thanks for the additional information.

Yes, this issues generally seems to stem from the Calibrator App, but we will know more information once we are able to finish our testing and make fixes to the Calibrator App.

We do appreciate your patience.


Hello Anthony,

Any update?

It has been a few weeks since there was last communication…

Thank you.



We are still working on a new version of Calibrator and when it is released, you will be prompted by the Apple App store to update your version to the newest one.


FYI: we are still waiting for the updated version of the Calibrator

Thank you.



Hi Guys, any updates on this?


Yes, we have updated the Calibrator Application a few times in the last few months. These changes include better calibration for the new floating-lens seen in the iPad Pros.

If you are experiencing a similar issue, I would recommend re-calibrating your sensor using the Calibrator App while the Wide Vision Lens is both on and off.

Remember that the Wide Vision Lens can only be used with the Calibrator App and the Canvas Application.