SDK on Mac Book - Please Connect Sensor?

Hi there,

I am trying to use the Structure SDK on a Mac Book. Everything builds fine, but when I start the Viewer or Scanner app, the message “Please Connect Structure Sensor” appears (“no sensor found” in console). What can I do?

The Sensor is connected and runs fine with skanect pro :).


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Hello Thomas,

I’m assuming you are running the Sample apps in the iOS Simulator. Is that correct? If so, then seeing the “Please Connect Structure Sensor” message is normal.

The Structure Sensor does not work with the iOS simulator, similarly to what Apple does in Simulator with AVFoundation and the iOS color cameras. That’s because the Simulator binaries of the Structure framework do not pass-through sensor data when it is connected to the USB ports of a Mac.

It could be done, however, and that would probably be a nice addition. We’ll put some thought into this for future SDK releases.

In the meantime, you could potentially implement this yourself, using the open-source OpenNI drivers.

Thanks for your feedback,

Hey NT,

yes, you are right. Thanks for your answer! I would recommend a better message for the user, if it is possible to check if the app is running in the iOS Simulator. If that’s not possible, maybe add a note at the download section.

How much effort do you think this is? Do I have to integrate OpenNI first into your SDK or is that done already? Is it just about passing the values somewhere or is there more to do? To be honest, I don’t really know where to start. I worked with OpenNI before, but never with drivers.


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Hi everyone,

So any update concerning this issue?