selling my brand New Structure sensor AND ACCESORIES


Not too long ago I bougth this product from Occipital.
This product box never was open and never was damage the sensor box the original circular tape sticker still have it in the exterior of the sensor box
Also never was used the licenses of Scannet pro is a brand new and never rregsiter to nobody (bundle)

i am sending the picture of my items and if you want

i can sent all emails for that transaction in the past with Occipital

I paid to the seller hte following amount total of $ 499 .00 which included

  • ocicpital Structure sensor

  • bracket for 9.7-inch iPad Pro and Ipad Air

  • sckannect pro (software) via online to my email for download never dondload and never register

Aside of that i bought the

  • wide vision lens for a value of $ 39.00

total of $538.00 dollars

I ask for $400.00
please payment is trough Paypal email account