Senseless demo - where to find


I’ve seen the MR with no 3D sensor video ( and it says to look at the forums to understand how to do it and I can’t find documentation on it. Where can I find the necessary infos to replicate it?


The demo and video that you posted was something we created 3 years ago when we acquired Replica Labs. Unfortunately, since then, we have decided to go in other directions and did not make that demo public.

I don’t want to leave you hanging, however, as would like to point you towards our Bridge Headset, which utilizes a lot of what can be seen in the demo you posted.

For more information about the Bridge Headset and related Bridge Engine, please have a look at the following pages:


Great, thanks.

Is there still a way to scan an area first and load it up on a device
without a sensor, matching the model to the environment? Does Bridge do


Yes, this functionality is in the Bridge Engine.

The Bridge Engine allows, not only, for the scanning of a scene, but also for loading the last previously scanned scene. When the Color Camera Only setting is enabled, you are able to load the last scene scanned, while not needing the Structure Sensor for localization/tracking.

We have not built in a way for iOS devices to use previously scanned scenes made on another iOS device, but I don’t think this functionality would be too hard to program.

For more information about the Bridge Engine, please have a look here: