Server Streaming


We are using the Bridge Headset. We want to share the 3D scanned environment across users. For example, user A will scan his surrounding environment and this scanned environment is shared with another user B. Thus, user B can see user’s A environment remotely. So we are wondering if there is any help you can provide with server streaming for the data (scanned environment and depth data from the structure sensor)? Are there any plugins we can use for Apache or NGinX server which will allow to stream this data?


We don’t currently have any plugins available within the Bridge Engine that will allow for this 3D Mesh sharing and viewing capability, but I can offer some suggestions on how this could work.

I would suggest that you use something like Amazon’s AWS to temporarily store an export of the 3D mesh captured by the Structure Sensor. The Bridge engine stores these 3D meshes as BridgeEngineScene, and can already load previous scenes captured on the device the Bridge App was loaded onto.

Once you figure out how to upload these, other individuals can call upon the 3D meshes to be downloaded directly onto their phones and loaded into the Bridge App you are designing.

The interface between the Bridge App, the loading functionality, and your server storage location will have to be completely designed by you, but it shouldn’t be too hard.

Let me know how it goes!