Severe sensor issues Structure Sensor (Mark II)

Thanks for the help, I have emailed their support team :slightly_smiling_face:

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I’m having the same problems. Cannot complete calibration due to crashes. Mark II constantly losing track of object resulting in deformed model while using the app. I’m not a developer so I need something more than an SDK update please.


I’m having the same problems. Cannot complete calibration due to crashes. Mark II constantly losing track of object resulting in deformed model while using the app. I’m not a developer so I need something more than an SDK update please.

@jdien07 A few things that might help while we all wait for updates, etc. For your calibration I have had better luck with outdoor subjects (obviously not direct blazing sunlight) which have well defined edges + bushes or other complex items in the field of view as well. Indoors, up close, against close objects like tables etc. seem like they would work well, but practice has taught me otherwise. Try it out your window or other similar type of location. Also be persistent, if you get to the light meter and it doesn’t fill up right away, kill the app and start over, it’s locked.

In the Scanner app, hit the gear icon in the upper left for options and turn ON the IR Auto Exposure (Mark II only) option if it is not already. (VERY helpful when daylight is in the mix for sure), and turn OFF Improved Tracker (SDK 0.8+). The “improved” tracker has proven to not be as “imrpoved” for the Mark II, at least not for me. It’s a lot more stable with it turned off in most situations (again, for me, hopefully for you too).

I hope some of this helps you, I do not speak for the company, just hoping some of my experience thus far can help others. :slight_smile:


I’m just ‘me too’-ing myself to this list. Same problems as most of y’all. chaotic bounding box, tracker doesn’t track, etc. I was testing our software this morning, reverted back to the ‘stock’ apps from the app store, and built the demos from the devkit, so I’m betting it’s the IR issue…

Additionally, I was trying to use the calibrator on one of my pads that is running the 13.2 beta, and it regularly (but sort of randomly) loses the camera at the end of calibration (the fine tuning step), just FYI.

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Is there any why I can get access to this app that should correct the IR offset issue? I’ve been experience this problem and would like to use this app to have it resolved.

Looks like you need to email support as @miles suggested above:

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@flip Yeah the blank page at the end of the stock calibration tool is another common one. I have found with that particular issue, doing my calibration in a more macro environment much more consistently results in my being able to do the fine adjustment. When I do it indoors, especially in lower light, it will almost always end in a blank screen once calibration is achieved.

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I wonder how long it takes them to get back to folks bout that? Still waiting to hear back from them.

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@flip it took a couple of days when I asked for it. Let’s ping some folks here.

@miles @JacobErvin @n6xej a couple of devs are wanting to try the IR Offset fix.

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Hi @jim_selikoff. Yes, I’ve tried getting in contact by email but haven’t heard back from the support team yet. I was hoping there was some other way to get access to this app, I’m eager to find out how the app can improve working with the Mark II.

The “blank page” at the end of calibration can be that the exposure is set too low. Try pointing at a dark area and you may see that there is actually a video output.

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Dead in the bog too. Spent a lot of money for the stuff, then the post then the tax and customs duties and BO-o-o-m! It’s a useless paperweight. Keeps asking to recalibrate, none of the useful apps work or even survive long enough before they crash. The rest of the list is just like yours!
Interesting who little there is about these issues on YouTube…

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+1, so glad I didn’t trade in my old sensor when upgrading, that would have been a disaster. Hoping for good news soon because I’ve got :point_up:all those problems :sob:

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Hi all,

Very sorry for the slow response time on our end! We’ll be working hard to improve communication with the forum moving forward <3

Re: the calibrator black screen issue that’s currently being discussed: We’re aware of this issue and are actively working on a fix. It’s obviously a critical issue, and we’re taking it very seriously. We hope to push an update to Calibrator very soon to resolve this bug.

In the meantime though there are two workarounds which can be used to unblock calibration. Either one can be done when reaching the black screen

  1. Unplug and replug the sensor
  2. Background and then return to the Calibrator app

We’ve found that both these workarounds have about an 80% success rate. Again, we hope to be pushing a new build of Calibrator very soon, but in the meantime I hope that this unblocks Calibration for anyone who needs it in the meantime.

– Jacob

Btw, I have similar difficulties with the old structure sensor as well (not just with Mark II).
Is it only me?

I personally do not have a MK I but I know friends and colleagues who are not experiencing the same issues and are humming along just fine. That being said, some of these problems are simply inherent to working with IR depth sensors, etc. but these issues with the Mark II exacerbate the issue to the point of it being unusable. If you are new to the tech, and the problems are not debilitating then likely not the same. MK I’s can have calibration issues too, though, and it would look just about identical.

We have been using MK I with old calibrator app with no problems. We start to see lots of problems with the new calibrator app.

Im geeting the same problem with structural Sensor Mark II…seems out of focus with blurry texture.
Anyone found a way to fix that?

Does anyone have a link to the old calibrator app?

dropping in a me too here, i realize there have been some updates to things but still having the same issues with loosing tracking, blurry scans, etc… I am so glad i did not trade in my mk1 as well, as i got this paperweight for a job as a supposed ‘upgrade’ only to be faced with all this.