Shipping on replacement parts



I lost my connector cable (the standard one, not the hacker one) and tried to order a replacement online. The replacement cable is $25 but shipping to Australia is $55! Structure sensor uses a very specific cable that I’ve been unable to source anywhere but this site but US$55 ($75 Australia) is an astronomical price to get a little cable over here. I used to live in the US and the US postal service has little international packages that are a few bucks.

Is there any way we can do something about more affordable shipping of replacement parts for international customers? Without the cable the scanner is a paperweight :frowning:

Thanks for your time.
Adam Jenkins


Have you tried contacting one of our resellers in Australia?

Dr Techlove

Here’s a list of all of our resellers:

If you are still having difficulty finding a lightning cable with cheaper shipping, send me a private message.


Fantastic! Thanks for that. I didn’t know you had Australian resellers. One of them sells the cable online for $65 including shipping.

Thanks for the rapid reply and helping me source a new cable so I can keep using my sensor :grin:

Edit: Hold that thought, they upped the price to $81 when it transferred to PayPal…a bit dodgy, I’ll try the other site