Skanect 1.6 and 7 slow down


Suddenly and unexpectedly, the Skanect software have become slow and unresponsive in capture and reconstruction modes. It basically has become usuable. The only change from the AMExpo 2014 show a few weeks back and now is I installed the Makerware Digitizer software and the Makerware update.

Skanect 1.6 Beta 3 works just fine meaning:
The reconstruction and colourization functions are responsive and process at a speed that is normal (for me).

What happens with Skanect 1.6 and 1.7 now?
Uplink, the Skanect software is slow and unresponsive during capture - at best 1 frame every 5 seconds

Post processing of scan data - 2-5 minutes

Reconstruction for a 30 second scan takes about 20+ minutes to process at any resolution (1 frame every 5 seconds or so).

Colourization - see Reconstruction above

Basically the Structure and Skanect have become unusable. I have a big show tomorrow evening and will have to fire up and use my Primesense cabled scanner and Skanect 1.6 Beta 3.

What happened? I’ve tried uninstalling the Makerware software but that did not make a difference. Then again, software these days can make changes that I’m unware of so any help or advice on what I can do to fix this or diagnose the problem will be greatly appreciated.


James “not a MS fan” Allan