[Skanect Beta] Invitation to Participate in Skanect Version 1.9 Beta


Hello everyone,
We’re in the process of finalizing the next release of Skanect (v1.9) - and we’re reaching out for beta testers. We expect to have a stable package of Skanect (v1.9) available within the next week, pending some last minute fixes and our tests against a myriad of scanners/mobile devices/hardware.

We’re planning on version 1.9 to include the following updates:

  • Faster GPU Depth Fusion
  • Hi-Resolution Color Scanning when used over Uplink
  • Several requests from the community

We’ll provide more detailed release notes on the above once we have a shareable build. If you’re interested in participating, reach out to us in one of the following ways:

And include SUBJECT: Skanect Beta. We’ll be running all communication through our Structure Forums, so be sure to include your Structure Forum username and configuration of hardware(s) when you message us. If you’re not signed up for our forums - no problem. Reach out and I’ll send you an Structure Forum invite.

NOTE: We’re planning on limiting the number of beta-testers to ~10, so please reply as soon as possible.

Thanks for your help and interest. This is a new version with a few updates we think you’ll appreciate.

Looking forward to hearing from you,

Mark Piszczor
Developer Program Manager

Will Skanect Ever Get an Update? Is this a Dead Product?
It's been YEARS!

Please include me in the beta.


I would like to join the beta-test,thanks.

i7 4710HQ@2.5GHz
GeForce GTX 980M
16G ram


@werks3d and @decoderec,
Welcome aboard! Also, let us know which sensor(s) you two are using.



Xbox360 scanner
i7 PC has GTX970 - 3mb gddr5
ipad Air2 with structureio as well.

Also interested.


Thanks, just about to message everyone on the Google Group. You’re In!


We have 10 beta-testers signed up, and could use a couple more. If you’re interested, please message me @markpi or email support@structure.io with [Skanect Beta] in the Subject Line.

Thanks to all of you who have sign-up! Looking forward to getting this new version into your hands.



Structure sensor, thanks


Got it, thanks!



I would like to join the beta-test,thanks.
iMac 2009 quad 2,66ghz 16gb ram ati radeon hd 4850


Please include me!

2x Xeon 8 core 3.0 ghz
GTX 980
64 GB of ram

Using structure sensor on iPad Air 2


Thanks, @proustephane + @jakreymyers, I’ve added you to the list of beta-testers.

And, with that, Skanect v1.9 Beta-test Sign-up is Closed. We have a total of have 15 beta testers across 4+ countries. Very cool!

Gonna check with the team here on an ETA of the beta package and get back to you soon.



Hi, I’m interested in joining Skanect 1.9 beta testing. I have i7 + GTX 980M laptop and i7 six generation Alienware and a GTX 980 desktop with 32GB ram. I have the Kickstarter Structure sensor and hacker cable. I’m mainly interested in architectural reproduction and do research at Cambridge University.


Thanks again to everyone interested in participating in the Skanect Beta. We have more participants than we could have hoped for including a short waiting list - glad to see the excitement to get your hands on this latest version.

For those that will be participating - I’ll send you a link soon to a separate Structure Forum Group through which we’ll be running communications, files and release notes for this beta program. I’ll be sending that today so stay tuned.



Looking forward to the beta, Thank you!!

i5 2.4, GTX 960 SC 4GB, 8GB ram
Kinect V1
Realsense r200
Structure sensor Ipad mini 2 and hacker cable.


Hi - understand I missed the beta trial signup - but would it be possible to follow along with the forum discussion? I would be interested to see how it was going…



Now that itseez3d no longer offers any kind of free export, even for non-commercial use, I was wondering if theres any new news about Skanect 1.9? I’m just a hobbyist (at least for now), but I was having fun using the high resolution textures made from itseez3d as displacement maps in zbrush to add in fine detail to my scans. I havent actually used skanect more than a few times after buying the license because the textures didnt come out as nice as itseez3d. But now that exports from itseez3d are locked behind a $7 per scan cost, I’m no longer using it, and will be coming back to skanect


Hi any documentation for bounding box setting in the config file for 1.9?? “BODY” is pretty useless now. Thanks


Skanect CONFIG.INI file

center-y-as-height-percent =
; Changed start point of scan from ground up



You should not need to change the focal or center parameters unless you got some better calibration parameters using an external calibration tool.


Hello, it looks like Skanect Pro might have been released at 1.9 but the download for regular Skanect is 1.8.4 ~ I’d like to be able to try out the pipeline before dropping the cash. Or am I looking in the wrong place? I get the “Skanect is too old for this version of the Structure App” message. Many thanks!