Skanect uplink - not showing up w/ MKII

I’m trying to use the latest Skanect / Structure app circa version 1.10.2, MKII hardware

I never see the ‘uplink’ button on the iPad? Same WiFi, even made a dedicated network on the Mac, nothing. Thoughts?

I had this problem as well with the newest Windows 10 builds and with a 3rd party firewall on my Macbook Pro. If you have anything that watches your connections at the application level make sure that you add a rule for Skanect.

I have had this issue on a few machines, and all but one of them Windows Firewall or my OSX network app watcher was to blame. The other was due to network configuration as Structure did not like that the desktop/laptop was connected to the router via Ethernet and the iPad via WiFi (even though the same router). Connecting the PC through a BT WiFi adapter resolved the issue in that case.

Hope that helps @flip!