Skewed image and Qualisys motion capture system.


I ‘m doing a project on using scans from structure sensor calculating full body anatomical joint angles.
Did my first test today at a movement lab in combination structure sensor iPad and Qualisys motion capture system.
Eduroam wifi did not establish an uplink, so I used an old router for the uplink.
During the scan I always got error such as moving too fast, not enough memory, and the scanned image became skewed. This does not happen when I use the router out of movement lab.
Any idea what is the problem. Could it be too much fluorescent tube lighting or too much interference in the wifi signal?
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This could be an issue with the scanning environment, but is, most likely, due to the router used. If there isn’t a quality signal available, the Skanect Uplink will perform badly.

I would recommend, first, trying to eliminate any environment issues by using lights that project a low amount of IR light. I would, also, recommend covering any windows present in the room while making your scan.

Finally, I would, recommend seeing if your computer running Skanect is the issue, by checking the following page for Skanect’s minimum requirements: We obviously recommend that you use a computer that is more powerful than the recommended requirements.

You can check if your computer is running fast enough by checking the frame rates present (fps) in Skanect while scanning. We recommend trying to keep your FPS at 20-30 FPS while scanning is taking place.

Let us know if this helps!


The FPS is under 20 and the computer has 2 cores CPU (Intel® Core™ i5-4210U Processor), though all other aspects are above minimum requirements. So it is most likely the computer?



If you aren’t using GPU reconstruction, the Skanect software will rely on your CPU for this. Since you CPU is under the specific requirements, this is most likely the main hindrance in the performance of Skanect.


I am using GPU reconstruction, at least says skanect so.

the computer has Intel® Core™ i5-4210U Processor, nVidia Geforce GTX 850 4GB and 8GB RAM
The Ipad is 9.7" Apple iPad with Retina Display 128GB, Black, Dual Core A6X, 2048x1536, IPS, Multi-touch, Wi-Fi, 5MP Camera, iOS 10,3.3

Should I update the computer or the Ipad first?


I would update the computer first


Updating the computer solved it


Glad that helped! Reach out again if you need any more assistance!