[SOLVED] MIxed Reality Sample - Stopped working


Very odd thing. I have successfully launched the Mix Reality Sample code but today when I opened it up, I was unable to scan the environment I was in. The touch menu is simply unresponsive, tap away as much as you want. Odd.

I did a rebuild from xcode. Same problem.
Deleted app from iPhone. Rebuild.
It works! Scan the environment. Muck about a bit. Close app.
Let’s try that again.
Launch the app and load the previous scan - menu is once again unresponsive.
Try rescanning the environment - can’t menu unresponsive.

What am I missing?

(xcode: 8.3.3 (8E3004b), iPhone 6s 10.3.2, OSX 10.12.5)


Hi James,

Thanks for the bug report! Are you on the latest BE Beta (5.2)?


This version is 5.1 - sorry should have specified :slight_smile:


Thanks James,

Can you upgrade to the latest beta and test again? 5.2 It was a maintenence release which resolved a handful of issues. If you’re still encountering the bug after upgrading then we’ll definitely dig into it.


Turns out 5.2 is worse.
In 5.1 I was able to run the app as soon as I built it and sent it to my phone. Not always but I would say 80% of the time.
The other 20% would get me to the “Scan or Load” menu but it was unresponsive to my taps.

5.2 gets me to the “Scan and Load” menu and no further. I tried publishing several times but no luck.

On a side note, in 5.1 I could access the “Scan and Load” menu if I enable Stereo Scanning in settings. Haven’t tried it in 5.2 so I’ll do that now.


Confirming that I can access scanning and loading if I use in headset scanning and the controller. Menus before and after work just fine. Just seems to be that initial menu that becomes unresponsive. Odd.


Thanks for reporting this. We’ll dig into what could be causing the issue.


Tried to reproduce this, no dice here.

Here’s my config:
Xcode: 8.3.3 (8E3004b), iPhone 6s 10.3.2 (14F89), OSX 10.12.6 (16G29)
Building with Bridge Engine Beta 5.2

Have you deleted the app and started from a clean starting state?


I deleted the app from the device and did a rebuild as stated in my previous notes. However, I haven’t tried starting from scratch and will grab a fresh copy of the demo to see if the problem persists.


Okay. Using a fresh copy of the demo, everything is back to working. Phew.
Thanks for the suggestion Otri. I’ll soldier on now with exploring the code again :slight_smile: