State of iPhone6plus


I just got the bracket for iPhone6plus from shapeways, but notice many apps only support iPad. Any ideas why, and will this change?

Really missing ItSeez3d

What are you all using to get high res scans, with iPhone6 similar to itSeez3d. (Last time I had used it, couple years ago, it was far superior to skanect, with higher res textures and larger area (the dreaded “box”!!!) and also having it without an extra laptop open is very convenient).


At least personally I only developed M3DScan for iPad and not iPhone initially (although we are now working on an iPhone version) because:

  1. The sensor comes with an iPad bracket so I assumed most people used it on an iPad
  2. Autolayout is a pain and UI layout was not something I wanted to have worry about.
  3. Displaying 3D models on even an iPhone plus screen just feel really cramped, and its harder to manipulate them and they just look less good overall.

Hope that helps



Brackets are easy to find now for iPhone6plus… maybe not official, but they’re out there…