STPCaptureCloseRange - "Please put model back in view" Scan volume bouncing


Hi there,

I am fairly new to working with the Scanner SDK so I may be missing something obvious here.

I’ve recently enabled STPCaptureCloseRange scanning, but so far every-time I start a scan using this preset the app throws the “Please put model back in view” warning and the scanning volume box starts flying all over the screen.
I’ve tested every size of object to scan, every range from the target, and in all ranges of lighting, I’ve also checked that the scanner was working properly each time by turning back on the default preset which begins to scan again normally.

Anyone have any ideas why enabling STPCaptureCloseRange would cause the scanning volume box to start glitching across the screen? I’m guessing there may be some dependencies I’m not handling for the close range preset but I’m just not sure where to start with this.

Thanks for the help!


Hi David,

There was an issue with this on iOS 13 and Structure SDK 0.10.2, but it should be resolved in the latest SDK (0.10.3). Can you confirm that you’re using the latest SDK? Also - please ensure that for small object scanning you have auto exposure enabled and are using the legacy tracker.

– Jacob