structure app can't scan

have my new sensor mark II on my ipad air 2, downloaded structure app, open but only has infrared and depth options, sometimes ifrared + color, but no option to scan.

this is the latest version too (nov 3, 2019), how to fix it?

I have the same problem (mark II with Ipad 6th). itSeez3D also does not work because the sensor has a discharged battery. But it is not true.

Hi Evary,

To scan you need to use the “Scanner” application:

itSeez3D and other applications are in the process of being updated to support Mark II, and should be releasing app updates soon with support. We’ll be keeping this list up to date as new applications are released:

Just as an update, itSeez3D not works with Mark II.

We still suggest checking in with this article for the latest available apps:

I need help urgently!!
We got the Pro license of Skanect, after we registered it in our Windows app, we are not able to scan anything. It seems the “sensor” is not located in the app; I mean, I have seen several tutorials, in which they change the camera/sensor position with the ConfigFile and immediately the sensor position is changed. My problem is that I cannot see the sensor in the windows app and I do not know where to start scanning, the consequence is that as soon as I tap on the Rec button the object I try to scan turns red, a have to locate the iPad at least 1.5 to 2.0 mts to turn it green. How can I change this?