Structure + Belkin Rockstar + External Battery Pack ?


Has anyone tried using a Structure with a Belkin Rockstar [or similar charge + music Lightning cable] and an external battery pack?

Was it successful?

I am just curious before I drop $$ on everything.



Can I use the Power Adapter Pro to Structure Sensor included with Bridge?

I’m not certain if this would work. There’s a chance it won’t because it may not pass through all of the Lightning connections required for Structure Sensor. That said, it may work, I just don’t want to over-promise

One thing to be aware of is that we have a somewhat-new Power Adapter Pro, which you can plug in and charge the sensor and iOS device simultaneously, but it plugs into the wall and not a battery pack. However, if you’re feeling DIY, you could create your own 5.5V/3+A battery pack which could replace the power adapter pro, and plug into the charge port on the Structure Sensor – passing power through to charge both sensor and iOS device. (This custom hack is at your own risk!)


There’s more info on the Power Adapter Pro in the launch video, and you can buy one on the store, in the accessories section.