Structure Core and Skanect

Hello Guys,
I wanted to 3D Scan using Structure Core and Skanect. But when I go to Record mode, the camera is not even open. It’s a dark box. Am I missing something here? Kindly share your ideas.

Hi @deepz,

First, make sure that your sensor’s glass plate is thoroughly cleaned, and the protective plastic film that was included during shipment is removed.

Next, be sure to connect your sensor to your computer before launching Skanect, as Skanect only searches for new sensors on initialization.

If you check your log file (see screenshot below for instructions on how to access), you should see the line INFO: Structure Core: 1 device detected (1431)

If you do not see the line, try switching your Structure Core to a different USB port.

Next, please ensure your depth field is calibrated correctly. If you move the sensor around and only see vertices (instead of planes), you need to perform a stereo camera alignment. This is an example of bad depth:
Screen Shot 2020-02-27 at 4.24.21 PM

If you think your depth is bad, you can follow these instructions to fix this issue:
How to Recalibrate Depth with Core Playground

Let us know if you have continued problems!

Thank you so much! @miles How do you launch the core playground in Windows? Is there any specific requirements?