Structure Core Depth Frame


Hi, I got a structure core recently, I run the SDK for window platform. The image above is the capture of the camera windows. The depth frame looks wired. It seems only cover half of its window. It should be the same size as the visible window? I checked the code, the right upper corner of the window should be the color frame. But seems the color frame is only available with the iOS device. Is it only for the Structure scanner? The structure core I got is a color one and the resolution for the depth frame seems only can choose VGA and QVGA. But the result looks the same. Also, the depth frame seems not working properly. There are lots of interference in the frame. Sometimes it cannot scan anything. Lots of blue or green lines on the edge of the frame. I am not sure it is the problem of only with my structure core or it is a common issue. the outcome I got from the mesh is not that bad but the depth frame window just doesn’t seem good. It is too small and the frame rate is always 60 FPS. The color of the depth frame is always red. I wonder if anyone can show me their capture of the frame. Thank you.