Structure Core for 3d scanning


I´m curious if the new structure core will enhanced the 3d-scanning. I saw in the video that a sports company uses the structure sensor to measure human bodies. In my opinion the measurement with the structure sensor is not too accurate for this kind of job. Due the possibility of the structure core to scan even moving objecs, it should be much better.
But if the structure core getting better results, with which app can the core be used? Is it correct that we have to develop an own app for structure core uses cases?


Yes, it is correct that you would need to develop your own application for the Structure Core, just like Fit3D is doing with their body scanning software.

The Structure Sensor is designed to be used on iOS products with a robust Structure SDK and many applications backing it. The Structure Sensor and related Structure SDK is specifically designed for scanning purposes giving the developer very high-level functionality, like 3D scanning.

The Structure Core is built for embedded solutions such as robotics, AR/VR, and autonomous drones. The Structure Core is designed with computer vision experts in mind who looking to unlock the raw potential of a sensor. The software development kit that is included with the Structure Core is focused on raw depth data and does not include high-level functionality, like 3d object scanning.

This is not to say that 3D scanning can’t be done with the Structure Core and related Structure SDK, it is just not built-in like it is with the Structure SDK for the Structure Sensor.


I understand, thanks. So the focus of the Core is more on robotics and VR/AR, if I understand it correctly?! Are there perhaps any examples of how it improve a scanning process/result?