Structure Core for Very Close Range


Hello, how can I implement the “very close range” settings (of the MacOS application) through the SDK? I need the Core to work for very close range. But it’s not able to do so with the Recorder from the Samples, what must I change in order to work? The MacOS application is closed, so no luck there…


You can change the depth sensing range with ST::CaptureSessionSettings::StructureCoreSettings depthRangeMode


I’m sorry to say but that by itself does not work at all. I’ve played with the exposure of the IR images and it didn’t help.


Changing the depth range setting within the Recorder app does not change absolute color map range within the app. These are not linked on purpose.


You should be able to take a look at how we do the shading for the color map if you take a look at uploadDepthBuffer within the RecorderWindow.cpp file.


Thanks Anthony, but that is not the problem. It’s not obvious in the first screenshot, but there are two hands in the depth map. I’ve changed the colormap, but the problem persists.


The Short range mode works, the problem is with the VeryShort range mode.


What is the exact problem you are receiving from using the VeryShort range mode with the depthRangeMode function?