Structure framework requires the C++ runtime

XCode 8.0, I’ve integrated Structure Sensor SDK, And write down initialisation few lines of code to initialize. I’ve added few libraries but still I’m unable to solve ‘Structure framework requires the C++ runtime. See Structure SDK Reference’ this error raises on Structure.h

Hi @rakesh.patel,

One of the suggestions given in the reference should work.



I’m seeing this issue again with SDK 0.11.2 even though HAS_LIBCXX is defined and -lc++ is in Xcode’s other linker flags. Has anything changed in SDK 0.11+ that would affect how these macros work?

Nevermind. Looks like #define HAS_LIBCXX before #import Structure.h was not working anymore in my bridging header. Perhaps it has something to do with using precompiled bridging headers. Putting the macro in build settings instead of a source file fixed the issue.


I had the same issue and this was the approach I had to take to resolve it.

Thank Alex, you saved my day!