Structure Model Texture Port in Unity 3D


Hi Structure Dev,

I would like to ask if possible to add texture the model coming from Structure Camera, to Inside of Unity 3D Engine?

Thanks in Advance!

Can't get color scans when using Scanner app

@vener, could you provide additional details about what you’d like to do?




My plan is to do an app that capture models inside of unity 3d and share it to Sketchfab my problem is the rendering the texture, i don’t know how to do that.



What do you have working up to now? Are you able to do a scan from a Unity app and use the mesh? Is the texture the only thing left to do?

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Yes, because i have no idea where i can get that on the library or on how to execute that, because the demo for unity there no included a example on how to get the texture.



The StructureAR samples are in essence setting up the STTracker in a similar fashion to the Scanner sample, but without the colorizing task. The best recommendation is to study what happens in the SDK Scanner sample with respect to colorizing, and see what modifications to in the Unity plugin would be needed to make colored meshes happen from the plugin side. Start by looking at the differences in SetupSLAM where you will need to add an STKeyFrameManager. Also, follow what happens in colorizeMesh, which ultimately ends up calling [STColorizer newColorizeTaskWithMesh].


@vener - Were you able to figure this out? We are running into the same problem.


Hi im also trying to figure out how to colorize the scanned mesh, but nowhere in the Unity SDK can i find a method called “colorizeMesh”.


colorizeMesh is in the Structure SDK (StructureSLAM.h)

You would need to modify the Objective-C code inside the StructureAR plugin to use the colorize functions.


Were asking for a script in Unity 3D SDK on how you implement that colorizeMesh is in the Structure SDK (StructureSLAM.h). so far we have no idea how structure camera receiving the data to get the texture.


@sam_murley, i have a solution already but, its not perfect so i decided to wait with you to fix it. if not i can share it my solution then give me a credit on it. :slight_smile:


@vener - ok I got pretty close to getting this to work today but need to start over tomorrow- what do you have so far? What issues are you still seeing - I can try and help if you have most of this figured out.


@vener @jeff @jim

I was able to migrate the xCode code into the Unity plugin files and two .CS files:


However, after doing a fresh build the app crashes after a scan is completed - passed this on to the Structure.IO team and waiting for some feedback.


@sam_murley i apologise right now for not to telling about my idea and codes to you, with out the permission from my boss for me i am very excited to share it and collaborate it to improve this. but with out permission its so hard to do decide.

If you want you can talk to him “” about this thing because were have both benefits. if this device is successfully imported into unity 3d.

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