Structure/Occiptal Needs to post a video of the MKII actually working

I think we have all been pretty patient with you guys, but this just isn’t working. The just released (12/18) fixes might reduce the crashes, but it still won’t work. The question should be the quality of the capture, not if it will capture.

I notice on your Youtube channel that there is not a video of the MKII actually working.

I challenge you guys to post an unedited video from start-up, calibration and scanning of an object that is successful.

Sorry to be a prick, but if I think many of us have been patient and I all know that we have chipped in a fair amount of cash.

I’d prefer the video to be made using the MkII on a iPad Pro 12.9 !st gen, because that is what I have.


I agree, the sensor is still an expensive useless toy. When will it makes usable 3D models like in your ad? Please, let the real video on youtube as scanning, for example, a shoe, so I can compare with my scan. Thank you.

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I know that companies don’t always monitor and respond to post on forms like these In a timely manner, but I would think after a week they would at least have some kind of acknowledgment. The lack of any kind of video showing how this actually works is very disheartening.

I’m still unable to make any captures, scan data is still very erratic and unusable.
Pushed to get this at my company and it is pretty much an expensive paperweight.