Structure SDK (for iOS) 0.10.1: Updates for Apple Submission Compliance, Dynamic Libraries, and More


Today we are pleased to announce the release of Structure SDK (for iOS) 0.10.1. This update includes two primary updates as well as a number of improvements and changes across the board. First, the key updates:


Our last release triggered an automated flag in Apple’s process regarding an obfuscated symbols error when submitting an app to App Store Connect. We have addressed this with the Structure SDK 0.10.1 release, and it should be easier for developers to submit apps now.

All apps built on Structure SDK 0.10 should be updated to 0.10.1 before submission to the App Store.


The Structure SDK 0.10 release included many symbols from some of Occipital’s internal dependencies, such as Eigen3 and OpenCV. This could result in symbol clashes that made it difficult for our developers to include their own versions of these libraries. To prevent this from happening in the future, we have begun providing a dynamic framework for Structure SDK releases.

In order to use Structure SDK 0.10.1, you will need to embed the Structure.framework into your app on the app target’s “General” page in Xcode.

A tutorial for what to do can be found HERE. Please read this post, as there are additional instructions for those who want to submit their apps to the App Store.


The Structure SDK 0.10.1 release also includes the following updates:

New STTracker Methods
We added two new methods to STTracker (updateCameraPoseWithGyro and updateCameraPoseWithAccel) so that developers can pass raw Accelerometer and Gyroscope events from the iOS IMU to our tracker. The ability to turn off CoreMotion in favor of raw IMU events was added along with STCaptureSession in SDK 0.9, but we didn’t add the corresponding tracker methods at that time. Those methods are now available.

The Sample App projects have been updated to be backwards compatible with XCode 10.0 or newer
In addition, many recommended settings have been enabled on the projects according to modern XCode standards and Apple recommendations.

C functions are now exposed as C symbols, rather than C++ symbols
We hope this helps makes things easier for developers who write Swift wrappers for the Structure SDK

HAS_LIBCXX has been added to the project preprocessor definitions rather than defined in the Sample App View Controllers
We hope this also makes it easier for developers using our Sample Apps as a base for their own projects.

The Structure SDK 0.10.1 includes the following bug fixes:

  • Fixed a bug when writing OCCs with high-resolution color frames in STCaptureSession
  • Fixed a bug where the firmwareRevision and hardwareRevision properties in STSensorController returned nil when a Mark II device is plugged in
  • Fixed how we display the mesh view in Scanner and RoomCapture on iPadOS 13

Known Issues:
You may observe the message “please put the model back in view” in Scanner right after starting a scan. If you observe this happening more often than what happens with the original Structure Sensor, please contact us at

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Structure SDK (for iOS) 0.10.2: Battery life improvement and stability patch

Is anyone getting this error while building the project with the new 0.10.2 library not valid for use in process using Library Validation: mapped file has no cdhash, completely unsigned? Code has to be at least ad-hoc signed.