Structure SDK (for iOS) 0.10.2: Battery life improvement and stability patch


0.10.3 update:

Here’s a pretty reliable repro sequence in the capture session based scanner sample that demos the video frame rate slow down

  • Launch the sample
  • Turn off improved tracker
  • Scan / Restart [no need to complete the scan]
  • Change Depth Stream Preset to Body
  • Repeat Scan / Restart
  • Change preset back to Default

Repeat that sequence a several times [could take 5 or more]. You’ll see the video frame rate slow to a crawl, and eventually lock up. We know that this behavior can’t be attributed to the extra instance of the core motion manager since it doesn’t get started in this version of the scanner sample.

Note: A CMMotionManager pointer is still declared in ViewController.h


Thanks Jim,

We’ll test the steps you listed and confirm the issue once we’ve reproduced.