Structure SDK Licensing

The developer license agreement for the structure SDK emphasizes that it is not possible to redistribute the SDK except for “applications”, and specifically it is not allowed to develop frameworks that make it easier to use the SDK.

However, there is apparently a ROS driver and a Unity plugin. Can anyone clarify the intended usage of this license? If I am developing a free and open-source framework similar to ofx or OpenNI that uses the structure SDK, am I not allowed to redistribute an interface binding to the SDK? What about if I make a CAD design tool with scripting capabilities for shaders and tracking? Where is the boundary between an “application” and a “framework”?

The Intel RealSense SDK seems much more transparent in this sense as it is simply released with the Apache License, which everybody understands and knows how to use.

I believe it would be really useful to have some clarity on this topic to allow structure to gain more adoption in the open-source community.