Structure Sensor on Microsoft Surface: Scanning with color information


I would like to set up the Structure Sensor on Microsoft Surface tablet in a way that I receive the color information as well. As far as I’m aware I would need the tablet’s camera for this.
Did anyone do something like this yet?
Can you give me any hints on where to start?
My prefered developer environment would be Visual Studio with C++.

Thank you for any help!


We do this all the time with iPads and the Structure Sensor. Unfortunately, the process in which we match color textures to depth is proprietary.

I would recommend taking a look at OpenCV and OpenNI 2.


Thank you for your reply!
I will look into OpenNI2 and OpenCV.
I imagine that similar work has been done before. I just found this question in the forum: Registration between color and depth
So I’ll check out the mentioned code as well.

If there are more suggestions, let me know :slight_smile: