Structure Sensor vs Mark ii! Photos attached Shocking results


Here is a test of the quality of a scan you can get indoors.

I noticed you can see more mesh detail in the Mark ii but what a shame no updates to the textures from the Mark ii. The Scanner should be awesome giving us itSeez3D (third party app which charges you for crisp textures for your model) results. On your commercial you recognized customers love the Sensor for scanning and textures play a HUGE role in that.

We pay $400 for blurry textures TRUST ME OWNERS OF OCCIPTIAL ALL OF YOUR CUSTOMERS ARE EMBARRASSED TO SHOW THEIR SCANS, its blurry. We will all be ok if you saved the data on the ipad and give us a desktop app to process it. Yes I know about Skanect but that’s $100+ requiring you to have a laptop running to do scanning. Kills the freedom to capture the world around you.

Photo comparison here zoom at 100% to see details:

Please owners of Occiptial man up, reply to this post and please all customers join in too!

Also a Editor App to fill in holes would be great because 90% of my scans have holes and I’m not super savy with 3D software so its a challenge fixing that. Giving your Sensor complete software should be top on your list.

I feels like you took the Structure Cores and slapped mark ii sensor on it not giving it a complete software suite to back it up.

Part 2 the Room Scanner app coming soon.


I really hope the texture quality improvement is on the road map - soooooo tired of paying $7 to get a good scan when we know it’s possible to get good results with other software. Even Skanect is lower quality than itseez…I’ve got pro and hoped the Mark II would fix that. Thanks for the review and sharing the pics.


I’m glad to share. I have one question for you. What do you use to clean up holes from scans done on the scanner app? There is one above the bear in but MeshMixer will wont fill it in? Looking at the mesh too its not polygons just a bunch of lines? Could you help me?


I clean up using Blender3D, (it’s free and open source. I would use it as my go to even if it wasn’t, amazing software, lots of tutorials) and it works great, but it’s tough to make any scan look good when the holes are large. If you import the file into Blender3D, you will have full control of the mesh and textures.


Soooooo, I received my Mark II today, scanned a few things… Sure, it scans great for a $400 mobile scanner, but the results of the scan+texture from the app are just bad… I was hoping we would see the level of ItSeez3D. The results might have been ok back in 2015, but as it sits today, I’m let down and I am still unable to use these scans out of the app for anything other than…well…I’m not really sure. :frowning: I really hope we get software to sit along side the technology, if not I’m going to have to return and find a more efficient way to leverage photogrammetry or use my Note10+… I was able to get great less of a legit geometry scan but AMAZING textures.

Please Occipital, help us out and let’s enhance the quality of our textures! :+1:


Yeah all my scans with the MKII of my kids has been trash and pretty much unusable. Battery life is awful, only 3 apps supports it, overall very bad experience… very disappointed.