Structure skanect scan quality


The quality of the scans I’m getting with structure and skanect doesn’t seem much better than what I was getting with my kinect. Am I doing something wrong? Faces are blurry as well.


Have you given itSeez3D a try? I think the blurry texture with the Structure apps is due to the use of per vertex texture instead of UV texture coordinate mapping.


Yes and I like itseez3d quality very much, only wish I could do full body scans with it and it would be nice if you could export a single ply or obj instead of a two part file.


@scotth. You can do full body scans with Itseez3D by opening up the bound box in “Human head”. Get it so that it recognises your model’s head and then open the cube up with your thumb and forefinger, the same way you do with the Structure app. Of course, you’ll need a fair amount of space around your model but it can be done and the scan quality is pretty good.


Wow thanks Andy! I’ll give that a try. Know how to upload it to shapeways? I’ve converted both ply/obj, zipped and tried uploading but it always errors out.:/. Don’t have this problem with other files I’ve worked with, only with itseez3d.


Wish I could help with that, buddy. I’ve had the same experience. Which reminds me. I should ask Itseez3D about that. :smiley:


I did already. Here’s the link they sent me. Still couldn’t get it to work.

Tried making my box bigger on the head scans and it starts to pick up the ground. Wonder if that’s the issues they are having with full body

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OK. I’ll try that tomorrow - It’s 3am here - and see how I get on.

What happened when it picked up the ground?? Now I think about it, I only did a scan down to the knees with that setting. Was amazed how well it picked up hand details and made a mental note to experiment with it but haven’t got back to it yet.


When will the Full body scan be an option itSeez3D, busts come out great but I need to find an easier way to have a more detailed full body scan.


Seems like itseez3d has issues with the bounding box. If they can set the box similar to that of skanect I think full body would be do able.


Just wanted to weigh in my initial thoughts with the sensor. I finally got an iPad that could handle the scanner and apps. It seems using Uplink is really the only way to get a quality scan from the sensor The scan quality is probably a hair better than the Primesense Carmine 1.09, which is then a touch better than the Kinect. I know I’ve least had one situation where the Structure handled tracking/scanning and hanging on to scanning an object (a bed), with better ability than my Carmine could.

I wish there were other ways to interface with Skanect instead of only through wifi. Either bluetooth or some portable wifi network solution. I tried having my laptop create a network, which I connected the iPad to. But the latency of the scan between ipad & laptop was too high…



I’ve been evaluating geometry and texture quality for clients, comparing Scanner app v.s Room Capture app v.s. Skanect Pro v.s. itSeez. I was able to tweak the volume resolution higher in both the Scanner and Room Capture sample apps, but eventually a computation limit was reached (using the original iPad Air), after which the geometry started falling apart. For the Scanner app, which does per vertex coloring, not texture mapping, the image density improved along with the geometry. For the Room Capture app the mesh density improved. I didn’t spend much time on the texture when tweaking the Room Capture sample since the geometry resolution still wasn’t high enough for the application. My hope is that the new iPad Air will support higher volume resolution.

I recall you mentioned doing a lot of Pre-viz for Interior Design applications. Is Texture quality the most important factor for your application? Precise alignment at the beginning and end of a full room scan?

It sounds like your results using Skanect Pro are achieving the highest quality results of all the Occipital software offerings. Does the latency issue you mentioned prevent that approach from being a viable working solution for you?

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I’m sure the new iPad could handle more resolution, but it will be a while before the apps support it. No? Maybe I need to spend more time with these apps to see what settings they have to tweak. On my initial run they didn’t seem to have much in terms of quality settings to adjust.

Using uplink between the Structure/iPad & Laptop has given me the best results. Using wifi in the apartment between devices worked fine for this. The latency was only an issue when I tried to have my laptop setup the network as a potential way to make the whole system portable.


I just bring a router with me to events that I have dedicated for scans. Works great and easy setup.


Are you using the apps as is, or tweaking the API calls and rebuilding using the SDK sample source code? I assumed the latter.

Interesting, so an AdHoc network causes issues? I’ll have to give that a try. Ultimately I’d like to achieve, or have Occipital provide, a viable iPad-only solution.


What router do you take? Is it compact?


Ah – I see you are more advanced than me :smile:

I am only using the apps as is. I’m less programming and more a visual artist.


Haha. Well, if I achieve any significant improvements I’ll ask (beg?) you to be in my beta program lol.


Hi Jim, would you happen to have images comparing pre/post tweak of scanner app? Just wondering how much of an improvement you’re able to achieve thanks.


The scan on the right was taken after tweaking volume resolution from 128 to 192. Hope this helps.