Structure skanect scan quality


nice work and thanks


Andy, I will be grateful if you send me a link of video tutorial of a full body scan which you have done using itseez3D. Thanks a Lot


Hi @aju_geo. Today’s new version ( 2.0 ) of ItSeez3D now supports full body scanning. You can find an instructional video on their YouTube channel.

However! They seem to have changed their license so that you can’t currently use it for any purposes other than for your own personal, non-commercial use.

I wouldn’t mind but they seem to have no provision for commercial use at all, so I can’t update my version of ItSeez3D.


Hi Jim @jim_selikoff

Could you please let me know how to do UV texture coordinate mapping any reference where i could jump in and read through to implement it to improve the blurry texture


Does anyone have anything to add here?
This topic is very relevant to me.


Great detail and 0.5mm scan accuracy is possible with structure sensor and skanect. I have tested it a couple times. I notice that the current version of skanect can only record a limited number of triangles per scan. So if you want want high detail ( small triangles) you have to keep the bounding box small. A large bounding box will give you course 1” triangles if you only scan something small and stop.

I wish Triangle count was user selectable. For now you just have to scan small areas or stitch multiple scans after the fact.