Structure with iPad Pro 11


I recently got a structure scanner but I have an iPad Pro 11. Structure currently comes with a Lightning or USB 3.0 output. If I get an adapter (probably USB 3.0 to USB C) and print my own bracket can I use the Structure with this iPad until it becomes officially supported?


Unfortunately, since the communication is slightly different, the Lightning Cable will not work with the new iPad Pros with a USB-C adapter.

We do work hard to support new iPads as quickly as possible, and we’ve supported every new release within a few months since the iPad 4th Generation (several years ago). This time, there’s a new connector (USB-C), so adapting it will be more involved for us.

If you do want to wait for us to support the new 11-inch iPad Pro, you can add yourself to the notification list at the end of the following support article.


Thank you for the reply! Will the scanner itself work with the new iPad once USB C is supported?


We are still evaluating Structure Sensor support on the new iPad Pros, but we are hopeful that existing Structure Sensors will work with the newest iPad Pros with minimal effort.