StructureUnityAR - 3D mesh shifts/ deviates from physical object


Hello fellow developers! Recently we have been developing Unity applications based on Occipital Structure Sensor. It is a 3D-scanning device that can provide impressive 3D reconstruction of environment and objects. We had used the Unity scenes provided by Structure SDK ( We had deployed a sample scene called “Simple” onto iPad Pro 9.7". However, we encountered an issue where the 3D mesh collected by the Structure sensor seems to be shifted/ deviated from the physical object, as seen in the image below:

Image of shift

Interesting, when we installed the same sample scenes directly from Apple Store, they work perfectly without any shift or deviation. We are unsure whether it is a problem with configuration for iPad Pro, or we missed out certain important parameters or procedures when deploying the scenes through Unity.

We kindly seek your advice and help to resolve the shift/ deviation… Thank you!


hi, same problem here.

have you got any progress ?


This issue seems to be brought up by @Shin in 2013, which means that the issue you are epxeriencing is different.

Could you tell me, Alkee, have you calibrated your sensor to your iOS device using our calibrator app?

Which iOS device are you using with the Structure Sensor and which version of iOS is that device on?

Are you using the Wide Vision Lens?


thank you for your reply.

yes, i calibrated sensor with newest calibration app.

and i have trouble on iPhone6s+ iOS 11.3.1 without wide vision lens.

the scanner sample(xcode project) shows much better scanning model on camera view like

but the unity sample project shows shifted model like


We’re having the same problem here.

iPad Pro 10.5" calibrated without wide angle lens. Any suggestions?


Can anyone help to set RGB camera display offset for unity ? that’s not a clean solution though.