StructureUnityUBT Plugin Example not tracking


I have the ‘Example’ scene in the StructureUnityUBT package working, running with the Structure sensor plugged in and calibrated but there appears to be no tracking of movement occurring. Meaning you can look around but not walk around. The app is responsive to touch but the unbound tracking is not working. I am using Unity 2017.3.1f1, iOS 11.3.1 and xCode 9.3. If I need to down-grade xCode or iOS what you would recommend and when might these versions be acceptable?

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Turns out this has already been discussed. For some reason we have to calibrate the iPhone without the wide-angle lens attached to the bridge headset. I did this and now the ‘Example’ scene in StructureUnityUBT works.


Just to let you know, the Structure SDK is currently not compatible with the Wide Vision Lens.

The Structure SDK wasn’t specifically designed to be used with the Bridge Headset either, though this isn’t to say that you can’t get it to work.